Fauna of Kamchatka

Fauna of the Kamchatka Peninsula is rich and varied. Nine hundred eighteen species and subspecies of vertebrates inhabit the territory of the peninsula and coastal area. Among them there are 500 species and subspecies offish (sturgeons, sharks, skates, whitef ish, salmons, greenlings, rockf ish, flounders, codfish, and sculpins); 322 species and subspecies of birds (accipitridae, falconidae, anatidae, laridae, alcidae, passeridae, and others); 88 species of mammals (23 species of cetacean, 9 species of pinniped, brown bears, moose, snow sheep, reindeers, otters, and others lampreys); 2 species of reptiles ;3 species of Siberian salamander and mash frog; 1 species of amphibians (leatherbackwasfound twice by the shore of Kamchatka).

All the species of Pacific salmon inhabit the rivers of Kamchatka either noble salmon (Kamchatka steelhead, rainbow trout) and 8 spe­cies of char. Freshwater Ichthyofauna accounts for 30 species offish including introduced carp and char.


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