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Territory of Kamchatka

Kamchatka (Kamchatka Region and Koryak Autonomous Area) occupies the area of 472,300 sq. km. (2,8 % of Russia's territory), and includes Kamchatka Peninsula, the Commander, and Karaginsky Islands.
The southern point lays at latitude of 51° north, the northern point lays at latitude 65 ° north. The extentfrom north to south is about 1600 km; and from west to east in the narrowest part it is about 80 km, in the broadest part—450 km.


Relief of Kamchatka

Relief of KamchatkaThe Kamchatka Peninsula is one of the most unique mountainous areas of Russia. It is a part of circum — Pacific volcanic belt. It is washed by the waters of the Sea of Okhotsk, the Bering Sea, and the Pacific Ocean. The Sredinny Range (Middle Range, 900 km) divides Kamchatka lengthwise into western and eastern parts. The western coast is swampy lowland, which has regular outline indented by hundreds of rivers, streaming down from the slopes of the Sredinny Range to the Sea of Okhotsk.


Climate of Kamchatka

Climate of KamchatkaThe climate in general is damp and cool. The climate of low-lying coastline (especially of western coast) is normally colder and has more wind than the climate of the Kamchatka River valley in the central part, which is separated by mountain rangesfrom the prevailing winds.

Fauna of Kamchatka

Fauna of the Kamchatka Peninsula is rich and varied. Nine hundred eighteen species and subspecies of vertebrates inhabit the territory of the peninsula and coastal area. Among them there are 500 species and subspecies offish (sturgeons, sharks, skates, whitef ish, salmons, greenlings, rockf ish, flounders, codfish, and sculpins; 322 species and subspecies of birds (accipitridae,falconidae,anatidae,laridae, alcidae, passeridae, and others); 88 species of mammals (23 species of cetacean, 9 species of pinniped, brown bears, moose, snow sheep, reindeers, otters, and others lampreys; 2 species of reptiles ;3 species of Siberian salamander and mash frog); 1 species of amphibians (leatherbackwasfound twice by the shore of Kamchatka).


Beringia – sled dog race in Russia. Kamchatka.

It all started in January 1990, when the magazine North Expanses raised the idea of holding sled dog races in Kamchatka Peninsula, and soon thereafter, the Fund of People of North, Siberia, and Far East of Russia founded the racing committee "Beringia", with Alexander Pechen heading it.


Frequently Asked Questions

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During the summer there are direct flights from Anchorage, Alaska via Reeve Aleutian and other major points of origin with