A unique jeep expedition set off from Anadyr to Kamchatka

The automobile expedition started on February 11 from Chukotka to Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky.

“Four crews from Anadyr and Egvekinot in Japanese jeeps will cover over 6 thousand kilometers off-road in both directions. According to the participants, no one has ever done this before,” the message says.

In total, four crews set off on Japanese SUVs – Toyota Land Cruiser and Nissan Safari. Three of them represent the Anadyr public association “Chukchi Trail”, and one is the Egvekinot auto club “Polar Bear”.

From the capital of Chukotka to Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky they will have to cover about 3 thousand kilometers. And then go back.

“About 1.5 thousand kilometers in one direction will have to be covered off-road, since the winter road only goes to Markovo. Estimated time – two weeks there, two back, a week in Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky. And we set aside a week for force majeure. There are seven of us, at the farthest point of our expedition one participant will leave the expedition and fly to the mainland, six of us will go back,” said expedition member Ivan Sosnovsky.

According to expedition members, only one expedition using Volkswagen Amarok cars took this route in 2013. But then the convoy was accompanied by tracked special equipment, which at some stages dragged the jeeps behind it on a cable. Chukotka extreme sportsmen rely only on themselves.

“The idea is to drive ordinary cars. Not on expensive all-terrain vehicles that are designed for this. And in jeeps – in winter, and on virgin soil to cover such a distance. We want to show that anyone who is able to invest effort in preparing and improving their car can do this. We are completely autonomous – there are heaters, sleeping bags, and stoves. We can snowstorm in the car for a week,” said Andrey Polishchuk, chairman of the Polar Bear car club.

On the way to Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky, Chukotka road adventurers will have to visit over a dozen settlements. At the same time, as the expedition organizers clarified, the temperature outside along the entire route will drop to -50 degrees, and the snow depth will reach two meters.

Photo by Chukotka News Agency/Sergey Stefan


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