Delicious Kamchatka. Fragrant scrambled eggs with a scallop, slices of pickled kingfish in a cowberry

Fragrant scrambled eggs with a scallop, slices of pickled kingfish in a cowberry, a venison steak with red wine sauce, a juicy blue halibut in foil, a warm salad of roasted squid with pine nuts and greens … The water drooled? These are only small episodes of Kamchatka cuisine.

Breakfast, which dreams

– The first morning acquaintance with Kamchatka – of course, breakfast, – says the hotelier from Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky Anton Staritsyn. – There are three dishes in our small hotel. This, of course, classic Kamchatka sandwiches – bread, butter and fresh red caviar. Having tasted them, the guest of the peninsula is immediately charged with the energy of our region. The scrambled eggs and scallop are in great demand, and in different versions – from the glazun to the “blubber”. The scallops are fried, eggs are hammered in there, everything is sprinkled with cheese and served with sweet and sour sauce. It’s very appetizing and tasty! Often, when tourists come to us again, they say: “We dreamed of your fried eggs, we want more!”. And if the exotics are pandoned – and this happens when the guests live with us for a long time – we offer … ordinary porridge. Still no one is indifferent to the degustation of the willow-tea. At us it prepares – only on it to one led prescription – the herbalist respected on peninsula. By the way, today Kamchatka is one of the few places on the planet where the cleanest drinking water flows from a conventional tap.

Lunch at the ocean

“The basis of Kamchatka cuisine is dishes from fish and seafood,” says Svetlana Goncharova, assistant to the head of the popular Petropavlovsk restaurant. – Tourists purposefully, if I may say so, go to them. This, for example, is an assortment of seafood – grilled and served in a hissing pan: shrimp, scallop, crab, squid carcass, halibut fillet. Great popularity is enjoyed by the blue-toothed halibut, baked in foil on alder sawdust. Gourmets are delighted with the calf – chinook cutlet, which is considered a salmon king-fish. It is difficult to resist the scallop as princely, rich soup from salmon, shrimp, halibut … But seafood is not all that Kamchatka can please. Our new direction in the menu “Land of Kutha” includes exotic national dishes of the indigenous peoples of the peninsula – Itelmen, Even, Koryak. Having acquired a modern supply and form, the treats did not lose their primordial energy and unique taste.
This, for example, steaks and tartar from venison. By the way, very few people know that there is a lot of vitamin B1 in venison, and the use of this meat stimulates appetite and brain activity, reduces the “no” effect of tobacco and alcohol, and fights the development of cancer cells. Well, for lovers of exotics, we have a smoked salo of seals on a toast of black bread. It is supplied complete with cedar tincture. In addition, if some of our guests seem to be close to the restaurant, we offer catering – field service anywhere in Kamchatka: on the shore of the Pacific Ocean or the Kuril Lake, at the foot of the volcano and even in the tundra …

Dinner to the sound of a tambourine

“We are striving to create a full sense of the visit to the hospitable inhabitants of the North,” says the head of the ethnocathe Vyacheslav Katsevich. – We can touch the original and unique culture of the three Kamchatka ethnic groups – the Koryaks, Itelmen and Even. Against the backdrop of the reconstructed yaranga of skins, wooden idols, hunting trophies, magical dances occur, generic melodies sound, and even cognitive master classes are held. And all this is accompanied by a menu of forty names of Kamchatka dishes. Food is served throughout the evening, and there are many.
Nerpine salo, salmon, wild plants, venison, elk, sea kale, fern, squid, cucumaria, marinated grayling and venison, stroganina … There are dishes that few people have tried. For example, kebabs from deer heart and salmon hearts, caviar of sea urchin. And also cutlets from elk and char, fried grayling, navaga, smelt, salmon and halibut soup, calamari chops, fried pollock roe and milk. The reaction of tourists? One: “They are again carried!”. People are surprised at this abundance and variety of food.
And our dinner ends with ivan-tea with jam from honeysuckle, cranberries and blueberries – against the backdrop of the huge Kamchatka crab, with which many want to be photographed.
Where are the products from? From the market and we prepare. At us, as well as everywhere in Kamchatka, everything

Are you hungry or bored boring menu? Welcome to the delicious peninsula!

Grigory Becker



You can also try the Itelmen, Koryak and Chukchi dishes in Kamchatka during excursions to ethnic camps and on national holidays.


… Previously, indigenous residents of Kamchatka did not know the salt. And used for harvesting fish method of sourcing. This dish can be tried now, but, probably, not everyone will like it.

… The ear in Kamchatka is a lot of fish and clean water. As a rule, salmon breeds – coho salmon, sockeye salmon, chinook salmon are used. But another fish will do. To prepare a real triple ear, in the resulting broth after two cooking add the heads and belly, as well as sliced ​​potatoes. And the first portions of boiled fish are served separately, sprinkled with herbs. Such an ear is well under the smoke of a fire, contemplating gigantic volcanoes.

… In Kamchatka, red caviar is different, depending on the species of fish. A tender carrot color has pink salmon roe and chinook salmon. Red-carrot – in chum. A caviar of sockeye salmon and coho salmon is of a purplish red color.

On the experts.
Anton Staritsyn – director of the hotel “Chief of Kamchatka”.
Svetlana Goncharova – assistant director of the restaurant “San Marino”.
Vyacheslav Katsevich – executive director of the ethnocafe “Kelilan”.

Delicious Kamchatka Delicious Kamchatka Delicious Kamchatka Delicious Kamchatka Delicious Kamchatka Delicious Kamchatka Delicious Kamchatka Delicious Kamchatka Delicious Kamchatka Delicious Kamchatka

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