Employee of the reserve died in a fight with a bear on the Kuril Lake

The young man went to the place where the predator dug his prey.
The 23-year-old guy who died on the Kuril Lake in the South Kamchatka. Wildlife Sanctuary became a victim of a bear because of non-compliance with safety regulations. The young man went to the aft area of ​​the beasts, the Kronotsky Reserve reported.

They said that a graduate of the Irkutsk Agrarian University Vadim Klabukov, in accordance with the contract, was doing economic work on the cordon in the reserve and helped accompany the tourists to experienced state inspectors.
On Saturday, August 18, he left the Ozernaya cordon, which is subordinated to the Kronotsky Reserve, without warning his colleagues and leadership. Upon discovering that Vadim had stopped contacting him, a group of security guards had gone to look for him, who first saw the gun, and later, 300 meters from the barrier, the body of a young man.

“In the footsteps, we managed to find out that he went to the place where the bear had dug its prey. Between the beast and man there was a skirmish. He did not have time to use his gun, “the press service of the reserve said.

A group of investigators with representatives of the Kronotsky Reserve left to investigate the circumstances of the incident. The audit will be made a procedural decision.

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