In Kamchatka, tourists are asked not to go to the Avachinsky volcano due to a possible eruption

In Kamchatka, tourists are advised to refrain from visiting the Avachinsky volcano, as the probability of an eruption is increased over the next month. This was told in the Ministry of Emergencies.

According to experts, a possible eruption is primarily a danger to tourists and extreme sports enthusiasts, including those who prefer to visit volcanoes during the eruptions and rent small aircraft for this.

“There are currently no tourist groups registered in the area of ​​Avachinsky volcano. However, there is the possibility of an independent visit to the volcano. Therefore, rescuers urge guests and residents of the peninsula not to take independent trips to the Avachinsky volcano and, moreover, not to climb it, ”the Emergencies Ministry said.

In the event of a possible eruption, in the immediate vicinity of the volcano, an excess of the maximum permissible gas concentration during combined-cycle emissions can be observed. Ashfalls can cause allergic reactions, ashes get into the mechanisms of cars and contribute to failure.

Avachinsky volcano is called “home” in Kamchatka, as it is easy to reach and can be seen from Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky and Yelizovo. This is the most popular volcano among tourists, including visitors.


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