In Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky celebrate Aboriginal Day

August 10 in Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky on the territory of the city fountain in the microdistrict Dachniy there will be a celebration “Aboriginal Day”, dedicated to the International Day of Indigenous Peoples of the World.

The program of the event under the motto “Let’s keep traditions together” will start at 15:00. Residents and guests of the regional center are invited to interactive sites where, under the strict guidance of the master Anna Manko and her assistants, they can make traditional “bags” for amulets and bead pendants.

Participants of the “Lepilka” ceramics studio will hold a master class on decorating medallions in ethnic style. Travnitsa Lyudmila Ilyina will share the secrets of the traditional use of wildflowers indigenous small peoples of Kamchatka. Employees of the museum “Vulcanarium” will arrange a master-class painting of soap in the style of the volcano. And representatives of the publishing house “Kamchatpress” will read to the children northern fairy tales. In addition, the curious young guests with the help of Anatoly Sorokin and Albina Morilova will be able to get acquainted with the spoken languages ​​of the Koryaks and Itelmen.

On Aboriginal Day, for the first time in Kamchatka, a series of photographs of the unique project “Ethnogenesis. A look in the old days through new faces “by Yuri Smolnitsky. Also guests of the festival are master classes on tambourines and ubildyches, koons and other national musical instruments. Everyone will be able to take a picture for memory, putting on a Koryak kukhlyanka, malakhai and picking up a sonorous tambourine.

At 17:00 on the improvised stage at the fountain will begin a concert program. Before the guests of the festival will perform artists of ensembles “Piliun”, “Koritev”, “Uykav”, ethno-funk group “Bango-Bango” and bard Valery Likhota.

No less bright and spectacular event of the Aboriginal Day will be the regional contest “Aboriginal of Kamchatka-2018”, in which the most beautiful girls of the peninsula compete for the title of the best.

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