In the main Kamchatka airport – a new information system for passengers

The new system of visual information of passengers is launched at the international airport Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky (Elizovo). From the old one, it is distinguished by an automated data output process, a more saturated display and a modern interface.

As reported at the airport, on the monitors installed in the terminal building, passengers can now see data on arriving and departing flights, the beginning and the end of registration and other important information for themselves. Images on the screens are made in a contrasting black and white gamut, which facilitates the perception of information by passengers.

Also updated and the airport site – here now operates an online scoreboard, which is part of a single information system and allows you to remotely track the flights arriving and leaving Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky. In the near future, the airline booking service will also be launched.

In addition, the site contains information about the airport’s history and plans for its development, public transport, cafes, restaurants, shops and other services. It also published the rules of air transportation, customs, border, pre-flight inspections, check-in and check-out. There is also a section on the site “Tourists”, which introduces the guests of the peninsula to the Kamchatka tourist portal.

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