In the reserve in Kamchatka, despite snow cyclones, bears continue fishing

In Kamchatka, despite heavy snowfalls accompanied by strong winds, in the Kronotsky Reserve and in the South Kamchatka Federal Reserve, still not all the bears hibernated.

One clubfoot was seen in the vicinity of Lake Kronotsky, where char can be caught at the mouths of streams, another fish on the Kuril Lake, in which spawning of sockeye salmon continues every year until March.
“A southeast cyclone passed, the wind blew more than fifty meters per second with wet snow. I went down along the Ozernaya river and saw a friend bear who was fishing. It can be seen that there is still fish in the river, fishing continues, the weather is not a hindrance, which means that departure to the den has been postponed, ”said Inspector Konstantin Lepsky.
Perhaps there are more awake predators, but they have not yet come into the view of the employees of the Kronotsky Reserve.
It is noted that in almost all territories of the Kronotsky Reserve and the South Kamchatka Federal Reserve, snowfall and blizzard did not stop during the New Year holidays. In some areas, the height of snowdrifts exceeded two meters.

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