Kamchatka children are invited to “Artek” Krym

The schoolchildren of the Kamchatka Territory will be able to fulfill their dream next summer. The winners of the creative competitions of the Open Interregional Ecological Festival “Tree of Life” will be replaced by “The Protected Country – 2019”. Since 2018, the Kronotsky Reserve will oversee a large-scale conservation action in the Kamchatka Territory.

On June 16, the international children’s center “Artek”, where many schoolchildren dream to go, celebrated its 92th Birthday. Specialists of the Kronotsky Reserve consider this date partly as their professional holiday.

“For the third year we have been cooperating with Artek and the autonomous nonprofit organization Your Nature, which organizes the Tree of Life Festival and the Change of the Preserved Country. We tell the children about the amazing world of wild nature of Russian reserves, national and natural parks, we conduct fascinating quests, excursions and master classes for them, “said Daria Panicheva, head of the scientific department of the Kronotsky State Reserve FGBU, an environmental change teacher at Artek .

Three times the winners of the creative competitions of the festival were the Kamchatka children who realized their projects together with the Kronotsky Reserve. According to the organizers, they would like to see more of the children from Kamchatka, a peninsula with a unique nature, among the participants in the ecology. Schoolchildren of the Kamchatka Territory can become residents of the “Protected Country” the next summer. This year, the branch of the festival will be opened on the basis of the Kronotsky State Reserve FGBU.

“The festival is already seven years old, at present we have 11 branches throughout Russia. Every year the children are taking an active part in competitions, they are interested in the format of their holding and, of course, the main prize is a ticket to “Artek”. This year the festival covered 50 regions, 200 schoolchildren took part in the reserve change. I am confident that we will grow and develop further, “said Tatyana Nazarevskaya, director of the ANO Center for the Development of Childhood and Youth” Your Nature “.

Contests of creative projects, photographs and drawings, research works, media projects are held within the framework of the “Tree of Life” festival. The selection of winners takes place in several stages. First, the jury evaluates the projects in absentia, then the semi-finalists come to the regional branches, where they participate in the reviews of creative numbers, scientific and practical conferences and exhibitions. The new contest program of the “Tree of Life” festival starts in autumn 2018.

Official site of FGBU “Kronotsky State Reserve” www.kronoki.ru.

Kamchatka children are invited to "Artek" Kamchatka children are invited to "Artek" Kamchatka children are invited to "Artek"

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