Kamchatka entered the list of places where tourists dream of visiting

Travelers told what places in Russia they would like to visit, reports Aviasales. Service experts interviewed 25 thousand users and found out what Russian sights they dream to see.

More than a third – 36% of respondents – called Baikal the most desirable vacation spot. They would like to walk along the lake, ride the Circum-Baikal Railway, go kayaking or a catamaran and, possibly, see shamans.

28% of respondents admitted that they want to go to Kamchatka – to look at the Valley of Geysers, hot waterfalls, go to the volcano, ride deer, taste local red caviar and, if you’re lucky, take pictures of bears in their natural habitat.

Another 18% voted for Altai, as there are “landscapes of incredible beauty, clear lakes and snowy peaks.” Tourists would like to participate in river rafting, trekking in Altai meadows, ride along the Chuysky tract, taste Altai honey and visit Lake Teletskoye.

As many Russians dream of visiting Karelia. They would be interested in visiting the Ruskeala mountain park, Ladoga and Onega lakes, Valaam and Kizhi islands, as well as Kivach waterfall.

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