Kamchatka hit the new tourist brand of Russia

Kamchatka, together with Kaliningrad, the Crimea, the Caucasus, Siberia and Chukotka, hit the new tourist brand of Russia.

The final version of the brand was approved by the Public Council of Rosturizm.
The symbol “Russia is a whole world” (“The whole world is inside Russia”) is made in the spirit of Suprematism and metaphorically represents a map of Russia. He has several compatible in different colors with a predominance of lilac, orange, green and red shades.

“The implementation of the project to create a brand of Russia has been going on for several years. Every country that actively develops and promotes tourism in the world has a brand. 144 countries have such brands and slogans. We did not have, and this is a serious omission. It is important for us to promote our tourism both inside and abroad, ”said the head of Rostourism, Oleg Safonov.

“This is a very simple graphic story about the diversity of our country – complex, sometimes piled up, and also completely empty, like an awkward patchwork quilt; not too kazuny, gloomy and not smiling, at first glance, but responsive inside. This project is a perfect example of what everyone can express a personal sense of the Motherland. I see it like this: complicated mixed with simple, monochrome with colored, rounded with angular, ”said one of the authors of the brand, Vladimir Lifanov.

Brand of ten final options by popular vote. Now the Rosturizm must register a sign, there will also be a well thought out format and rules for its use.

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