Kronotsky reserve is again open for visiting

After rains over the entire territory of the biosphere reserve, the fire hazard class decreased.

Kamchatka can already visit the reserve. For residents of other regions, restrictions apply until July 15.

Recall that in mid-June, due to high air temperatures and the absence of rain in the reserve, a special fire regime was introduced. Restrictions related to people staying in forests and driving vehicles, conducting excursions, making bonfires and burning garbage, and carrying out all types of fire hazardous work. Heavy rainfall led to a decrease in the high class of natural fire hazard, which allowed to open the protected area for visiting.

The most vulnerable areas of the Kronotsky Reserve are the Lazovsky cluster with unique Shchapinsky spruce forests and larch forests in the basin of the Kronotsky Lake, where representatives of the taiga fauna live, the Kronotsky-Bogachevsky tundra is the habitat of the Red Book wild reindeer and other animals. In the above areas, the air temperature is high annually in summer, it does not rain as often as the Pacific coast.

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