On the Children’s Day in the regional museum united it will be possible to make a great trip for free on Kamchatka

On June 1, the Children’s Day, the staff of the Kamchatka Regional Museum will conduct free themed excursions “Nature of Kamchatka” from 10:30 to 18:00. Visitors will be able to find out who lived on the peninsula many thousands of years ago, what features the plant world has and what is rich in the bowels of our land.

In one of the halls the video salon “The unique nature of the Kamchatka land” will open. Here the guests of the museum can make a great trip across Kamchatka, enjoy the beauty of Kamchatka landscapes and get to know the inhabitants of the animal world of the peninsula. Interactive zones will function for visitors, which will help the younger generation to show interest in science and the world around them. And you can also make a memorable photo in Koryak festive clothes, and against the background of museum exhibits.

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