Participants of the Beringia-2018 visited the ecological center of the Koryaksky Reserve

On April 3, before the start of the 16th stage of the Beringi-2018 on the Tilichiki-Khailino route, the participants of the extreme dog sled race visited the ethno-ecological center of the Koryaksky Reserve.

In the museum of nature, the staff of the ecocenter told guests Tilichik about the unique natural complex of northern Koryakia – the Beringia forest-tundra, as well as marine ecosystems, landscape diversity, flora and fauna of the Koryaksky Reserve.

“Very interesting, bright and creative museum! Many interesting exhibits! I wish the museum to expand and develop, “Alisa Ishchenko, the youngest participant of the Beringia-2018, wrote in the guest book.

“An interesting excursion and unique exhibits with footprints of wild beasts – a bear, an elk, a wolf, a fox, a hare. I learned something new about northern animals, “Anna Gerasimova, a volunteer from St. Petersburg, shared her impressions.

After the tour, there was a meeting of the Beringians with schoolchildren. Prior to this, during the month, young residents of the village of Tilichiki visited classes in the eco-center dedicated to the “Beringia”. Employees of the Kronotsky Reserve acquainted children with the history of riding sports in Kamchatka, showed them films about the legendary race, held a contest of slogans in support of kayurs. And now the schoolchildren of the northern village had the opportunity to personally communicate with the fellows. Alexander Chuprin and Vitaly Tishkin told how they tried to race on the sled with little ones, and then they personally made sledge for the competitions, participated in the children’s race “Dyulin”, “Elizovo sprint” and dreamed of a big “Beringia”.

“When asked if it is difficult to participate in the race, the guys answered that they are helped by sports, active life and love for their dogs,” said Vera Kolpachkova, a methodologist of the environmental education department of the Kronotsky State Reserve FGBU. – On the memory of the guards gave all the children wall calendars with autographs.

The final of the excursion in the ecological center was a creative meeting with the volunteer of the race from Rostov-on-Don, photographer and traveler Yuri Pankratov. He told about the exhibition dedicated to the famous Jesupov expedition, which the photographer organized at the American Museum of Northern Nations, and gave the staff of the reserve several photos from the “Beringia-2017“.


The ethno-ecological center of the Koryak Reserve in the village of Tilichiki is a landmark that all residents and visitors of the Olyutorsky district of the Kamchatka Krai visit. There are thematic excursions devoted to northern plants and animals, unique natural objects. Most of the exposition is occupied by figurines and models of nests of sea and water birds. The stands present information about the reserve, and natural materials, which are also artifacts, can be picked up and carefully discerned. No less attention is paid to the culture of the indigenous small-numbered peoples of the North.

In the eco-center you can also watch documentaries about the unique nature reserve of Kamchatka, make virtual tours to the Kronotsky Reserve and the South Kamchatka Federal Wildlife Refuge.

Under the control of the Kronotsky State Reserve there are three specially protected natural territories: the Kronotsky Reserve, the Koryak Reserve and the South Kamchatka Federal Wildlife Refuge named after TI Shpilenok.


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