Rules for visiting tourists of the Kamchatka Territory

List of restrictions for tourists arriving in the region:

Until June 30, 2020, a regime of self-isolation is in effect in Kamchatka Krai, citizens should not leave their place of residence (stay), except in certain cases.

On the territory of the Kamchatka Territory restrictions on entry by air for citizens who do not have registration at the place of residence (place of residence) on the territory of the Kamchatka Territory or objects of residential real estate owned by them by right of ownership apply. The entry of such citizens is upon presentation of a digital pass. You can get a digital pass on the Portal of state and municipal services of the Kamchatka Territory. An application must be submitted three business days prior to arrival.

The bus service between Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky and other municipalities of the region was suspended (with the exception of the Yelizovsky district).

Regular air traffic in the region is suspended. Flights are operated on a charter (claim) system.

It is mandatory to use personal protective equipment (masks, gloves) when you are: on the streets and in other common places, in shops, pharmacies, in public transport, including taxis, at all enterprises and medical organizations.

It is necessary to observe a distance to other citizens of at least 1.5 meters, including in public places and public transport.

Entrance to Kamchatka tourists is carried out by air. In some cases, by sea (private yachts and small boats).

Visitors must carry with them a negative test for the presence of coronavirus infection, received by them a maximum of three days before arrival on the peninsula. Also, testing will be organized for those arriving in the region at the airport.

Individual trips are unnecessarily prohibited.

Until June 30, inclusive, the holding of excursions and organized tours, as well as the holding of any public events, festivals, holidays, competitions, etc.

Until June 30, reservation of seats, reception and accommodation of citizens were suspended:

  • in boarding houses;
  • holiday homes;
  • sanatorium organizations (sanatoriums);
  • hotels;
  • children’s camps;
  • recreation centers, including for visiting swimming pools
    with the exception of persons on official business trips or business trips, as well as persons arriving in the directions of medical organizations, persons traveling in transit from / to their place of residence, as well as seasonal (shift) workers who are accommodated in temporary accommodation centers.

It is also possible to accommodate citizens arriving in Kamchatka Krai to undergo a 14-day self-isolation regime.

The activity of public catering enterprises (restaurants, cafes, canteens, buffets, bars, snack bars and other public catering enterprises) was suspended until June 30, 2020, with the exception of takeaway services and also order delivery.

Visiting sights, shrines, temples and nature reserves is suspended until June 30.

Amateur and sport hunting, as well as fishing in the Kamchatka Territory are prohibited.

Hot line on coronavirus in Kamchatka Territory: +7 800 300-49-19 (including digital passes)
United Federal Hotline: +7 800 2000-112
Single duty dispatch service: 112

Contact information for visiting the region:

  • Agency for Tourism and External Relations of the Kamchatka Territory: +7 4152 41-03-55,;
  • Kamchatka Tourist Information Center: +7 4152 307-330,

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