A half-century temperature record broke in Kamchatka

The first decade of February was extremely warm in Kamchatka.

“The air temperature was above the climatic norm by 6-9 °, in the Kamchatka River valley and in the north of the region, but 10-14 ° C” .

The longest thaws with air temperature in the daylight hours + 1, + 3 ° were observed in the regional center and in the Elizovo district for 7 days. February 6 in the regional center the maximum air temperature was + 3.1 °, which is higher than the absolute maximum for this day, which lasted more than half a century since 1945 and was + 3 ° С.

In the Ust-Kamchatsky region, the thaws continued for 5 days, in Tigil and Karaginsky districts 2 days. The most significant fluctuations in air temperature were observed in the Penzhinsky district. Here, from the beginning of the decade, frosty weather without precipitation was established with the air temperature at night -25, -30 ° С. From the second half of the decade, the air temperature rose and on 9-10 February the average daily air temperature was 15-20 ° C above the climatic norm and amounted to -2.3 ° C.

In the southern regions of the region, the decade was quite snowy, with small to moderate rainfall observed almost daily. The heaviest snowfalls were on 1 February. In the regional center 27 mm of snow fell, which is half a decade. Strong snow passed on this day also in Elizovo and in the south of the Milkovskiy district with a quantity of 17-20 mm per day. In general, for the decade alone in the Pushchino area, the amount of precipitation exceeded the long-term value by 2.5 times (65 mm), for the rest of the regions within the norm (10-29 mm, in the marginal center 46 mm, in the Esso and Kozyrevsk area 8 mm) . In the northern half of the precipitation fell less than usual (4-7 mm).


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