The dead fish are thrown onto the poisoned coast of the Pacific Ocean

Visitors to the Khalaktyrsky beach on the Pacific Ocean note a lot of dead fish on the shore, in the water of which phenols and oil products have been found.

According to eyewitnesses, the water situation in the beach area is not improving. The death of the inhabitants of the ocean occurs.

Anton Morozov on his Instagram (@snowave_kamchatka) writes: “The ocean is in danger and we are all too. At the moment, we do not know where the poison came from, and who provoked the pollution, but one thing is clear – you cannot surf. Today we swam in the hope that after the last storm the other day everything changed for the better. but no, it only got worse: the water does not smell like the ocean, viscous, bitter, dirty, the fish is dead on the shore, the seals do not behave naturally. without being frightened, they are on the surface for a long time, not paying attention to us and not wanting to dive into the water. In short, a disaster. It is necessary to save marine life and the ocean, but the question is how?

We will remind, in recent days, eyewitnesses say that the water in the area of ​​the Khalaktyr beach changed color and became unsafe for human health. According to preliminary data, a 4-fold excess of the maximum permissible concentration of oil products and a 2-fold excess of phenol were noted in the ocean water. The reasons for the increased levels of pollutants in the ocean are unknown, but given the huge volume of water, it can be assumed that there was a serious leak.

The environmental prosecutor’s office is checking the circumstances of the incident.

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