The project “Scary. Interesting “TV channel” My Planet “filmed in Kamchatka

The team of the project “Scary. Interesting ”with the host Anna Krasnova, he will visit the most attractive places for tourists in Kamchatka for five days.

Filming of the program is carried out with the support of the agency for tourism and external relations of the Kamchatka Territory and the Kamchatka Tourist Information Center.

“Kamchatka is, of course, the place that should be in the area of ​​special attention of journalists filming programs about nature, travel, outdoor activities, ecological tourism. Our region is completely unique, there is always something to show and tell about the inhabitants of our country. That is why we try to actively interact with the media, and even more so when these are specialized media. One of the most important areas of our work is to promote the tourism opportunities of the Kamchatka Territory at the all-Russian level. Program “Scary. Interesting “TV channel” My Planet “- this is one of the events of a large-scale marketing campaign to promote Kamchatka in the domestic market”, – said the acting head of the agency for tourism and external relations of the region Elena Lassalle. The film crew has already visited the Mutnovsky Volcano, Kuril Lake – the largest salmon spawning ground and a habitat for a large number of bears, and went on river fishing. Ahead of the journalists are a visit to Khalaktyrsky beach, acquaintance with Kamchatka surfers, a SAP tour, a boat trip and a visit to an ethnic village.

The program “Scary. Interesting ”is a new project of the“ My Planet ”channel about types of extreme recreation. The presenter goes on a journey not for the sake of selfies against the background of historical sights and not for the sake of magnets, but in order to collect a collection of … very strong emotions! Her goal is to experience all the most extreme entertainment in the world. In each region, the presenter creates her own adrenaline route, which everyone can repeat. And he talks about what was scary and what was terribly interesting! This is a project for those who cannot live without risk, drive and extreme. It is planned that the program about Kamchatka will be aired on the TV channel “My Planet” in September. The TV channel “My Planet” (part of the holding of the state television company “VGTRK”) is considered one of the main Russian educational TV channels about travel, history, science and people. The channel celebrated its 10th anniversary last year. To date, the channel’s audience in Russia alone is over 80 million viewers.

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