The Sea of Life festival in Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky is postponed to Sunday

The celebration of the Sea of ​​Life ecological festival, which was to take place on September 21, is postponed until Sunday, September 22, due to adverse weather conditions. This was told in the organizing committee of the festival.

“In connection with the unfavorable weather forecast, it was decided to postpone the festival to Sunday. It is expected that the weather on the 22nd will improve, and bad weather will not spoil the holiday. The program remains unchanged. The main events of the festival will be held on the central square of the regional capital from 12:00, ”the organizers said.

The festive program dedicated to attracting public attention to the problems of marine animals will begin with an environmental procession of columns. It starts at 12 o’clock and lasts until 13:30. The gathering of participants is scheduled for 11:00 at the gates of the Pacific Network pier. Everyone can join the columns. The procession will take place along the Ozernovskaya Spit in the direction of the stele “City of Military Glory.” Traditionally, a competition for the best column will be held between students of secondary schools of the region who have applied for participation in the march.

After the end of the procession, the holiday program will continue in several thematic zones, where a children’s town with competitions and master classes, a street exhibition of unique photographs with sea animals and various photo zones, art objects, giant games, an art exhibition, and shopping arcades will be organized products, as well as performances by various creative groups.

This year, an updated lecture format will await the guests of the festival. A mobile planetarium will be installed on the site, where everyone can sit and watch films about marine animals.

For the youngest and most active participants, the organizers are preparing a quest game from the Volcanoes of Kamchatka Natural Park. Also, guests of the event will be immersed in the underwater world in the zone with virtual reality. A pleasant addition to the activities at the festival will be the lounge area from the ROOM school of foreign languages. The fenced area will house a children’s area with a dry pool and bean bags. In this zone, children will be able to playfully study the names of marine animals in different languages ​​of the world.

For older guests, the festival will feature flyboarders, freedivers, kayakers and sappers. Also, those who wish can master surfing on the site balance boards with a professional instructor of the surf school Snowave Kamchatka.

Separately, a gastronomic zone will be highlighted, where you can taste dishes from various restaurants and cafes of Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky. All products will be stylized under the marine theme.

We add that the environmental action planned for Saturday to clean up the Kultuchnoye water area will take place regardless of weather conditions. Gloves and bags for collecting garbage will be presented to everyone who wants to take part in the environmental campaign. The presence of their marsh boots and high rubber gloves for cleaning the water area of ​​the lake, and bayonet or shovel shovels for carrying turf is also welcome.

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