“The Snow Path” sports festival in Kamchatka will be held with a military twist

The ninth city winter sports festival “Snowy Path” will be held on February 23, Defender of the Fatherland Day, at the site next to the Lesnaya ski base.

Representatives of 12 sports federations of the region will take part in the festival. More than 400 athletes will identify the best in various competitions.

There will be races on snowmobiles and motorcycles, weight-pulling competitions, snow wrestling, a sports and entertainment program “Power Extreme”, and a motor sports competition “Jeep Sprint”.

There will also be the Canine Freestyle, Snowboard Test Drive, Wet Nose enclosure, and the Path of the Strong obstacle course. Attractions and competitions with the participation of animators are being prepared.

The territory of the games “We are family!” will open its doors for children. We are strength! For the first time this year, the festival will host the Winter Sports Day ski race.

This year the festival is held jointly with the command of the Troops and Forces in the North-East of Russia and will be dedicated to military personnel currently performing their military duty. Guests of the festival will be able to look at military equipment, appreciate the demonstration performances of soldiers and try soldiers’ porridge.

In total, the Snowy Path will feature 14 sports and creative venues. The first ones will start working on February 23 at 12 noon. The grand opening and main events will begin at 1 p.m. Festive trade and an exhibition area with a presentation of souvenirs will be organized.


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