The social tour program starts in Kamchatka

The first excursions are scheduled for this coming Sunday, July 19th.

The organizers of free tours for certain groups of the population are the Agency for Tourism and External Relations of the Kamchatka Territory in conjunction with the travel companies of the region.

This year, an unprecedented number of residents of the region will take part in social tours – about 2.5 thousand people, which is 4 times higher than last year’s figures. A significant increase in the number of participants in social tours was made possible by additional support measures for the tourist industry, which was most affected by the situation with the spread of the new coronavirus infection.

“In accordance with the Comprehensive Plan for Support of the Tourism Industry, approved by the head of the region, Vladimir Solodov, financing of the social welfare program in 2020 amounted to more than 14 million rubles (increased by 10 million rubles). This made it possible to provide additional support to the business, which is the recipient of this subsidy and organizes tours, and to reach a much larger number of individual categories of citizens for whom free excursions are held, ”said Elena Lassalle, Acting Head of the Agency for Tourism and External Relations of Kamchatka Krai.

According to her, more than 20 travel companies have become recipients of the subsidy this year. Moreover, tour operators receive money now, even before the organization of tours, and not after they have been carried out, as it was before. The corresponding changes have been made to the procedure for conducting social events.

The list of categories of citizens who can take part in social tours has also been expanded. It added “medical and other workers directly involved in the provision of medical care to citizens who have been diagnosed with a new coronavirus infection COVID-19, as well as people at risk.”

The first social tours will be attended by 32 people – citizens with disabilities, representatives of the sports community and a large family. For them, boat trips along Avacha Bay and to the Starichkov Island are planned.

Social tours have been held in the region since 2010. Free excursions are organized for schoolchildren and students who are winners of olympiads, creative contests and sports competitions, orphans and children left without parental care, talented youth, large families, people with disabilities, veterans of the Great Patriotic War and others. This year, these categories of citizens will be able to visit the main attractions of the region: the Valley of Geysers, the Uzon volcano caldera, Kuril Lake, Avachinsky, Gorely, Mutnovsky volcanoes, as well as go on sea and horse walks, visit national camps and other tourist sites.

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