Victoria Lopyreva rested in Kamchatka

I’m speechless…

Fashion model, TV presenter, Miss Russia Victoria Lopyreva visited Kamchatka on a short vacation. She flew to the Valley of Geysers and volcanoes. She shared her impressions on social networks.

“In the crater of an active volcano I feel so strong and so helpless at the same time! They talk a lot about places of power … but here it is – the REAL POWER, which is simply rushing from the depths of our earth and we cannot influence these processes in any way. Just contemplate, accept and enjoy … every moment that Mother Nature allows us to spend with her. For which the heart is filled with gratitude, and tears in my eyes … from happiness! Another dream has come true, ”she wrote.

Victoria Lopyreva is a Russian TV presenter on sports channels, a fashion model, a blogger, an ambassador of the 2018 FIFA World Cup. UN Ambassador to Russia for Combating Discrimination.

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