You are a real Kamchatka resident if

1. You are trying to explain to other people how the honeysuckle smells, but nobody understands you.

2. Frozen fish in your family was bought only by a cat.
3. You sometimes woke up at night from the clink of dishes and the creak of a swinging chandelier under the ceiling.
4. You ate wild leek.
5. You know that the beam is not an upset stomach, but a plant taller than human growth, and
You can’t touch it.
6. As a child, you thought that mineral water can only be Malka.
Or even thought that Malkin and mineral water are synonyms.
7. For you there is not just red caviar, but there is chum salmon caviar, pink salmon caviar, etc.
8. Your Christmas tree, most likely, was from a stick and branches of cedar nailed to it.
9. You have friends living on the Horizon.
10. You jumped from the 4th floor of the school into a snowdrift. At every change.
11. Summer heat for you is 18 degrees.
12. In childhood, everyone was required to have an “Argamak”, otherwise they would not be respected.
13. You went on school trips somewhere to the white ruins in the Bricks area.
14. From the trip by train blows romance.
15. You are not surprised that the clothesline is pulled between the houses
(and even sometimes mounted on poles dug into a hill.)
16. You know exactly what BAM is.
17. You know the taste of honeysuckle, shiksha and princes.
18. More than once walked along the Sopka of Love.
19. You saw black snow from the ashfall from Avachinsky volcano.
19. The dance of a shaman is not exotic for you.
20. The phrase “support for the domestic auto industry” makes you laugh only
21. Do you know that Kamchatka beer is the most delicious! Especially with flounder.
22. You are afraid of ticks when you leave Kamchatka for the place where they live.
23. You got questions on the mainland: “But earthquake is scary, right?”
24. If after a blizzard you at least once began to dig out the front door to the house from the window
third floor … Inside!
25. An earthquake scares you only if at that moment you are sitting on the toilet.
In other cases – this is an occasion to discuss the news, no more.
26. Your deer are associated more with Canada, but not with Kamchatka.
27. 9 hours on the plane no longer scare you.
28. You know what a paid road to a vacation destination is, even though you are not a soldier. Also, 52 days of annual vacation do not surprise you.
29. Have you ever snowboarded at least once in your life. No? So skiing! Surely!
30. In winter, you wear dark glasses because the sun shines too brightly. From below.
31. You cannot live without Malkinsky mineral water, and you know what mikrik and “kuksi” are.
32. On the mainland, you wonder why all the drivers are sitting in the passenger seat.
33. Cycling is not rest, but hard work. And stone legs.
34. Only after you reach your destination, you pay the driver of the minibus.
35. When three monthly precipitation norms fell during the night, you calmly go to study, and not dreaming that it will be canceled.
36. You know that volcanoes and hills are not local slang, as “mainland” ones consider, but quite scientific names of mountains.
37. You know that there is nothing better than chum salmon with Kamchatsky No. 1 and tastier than tap water.
38. You know that Peter is not St. Petersburg.
39. You know what a PARTNER is, where you can swim in hot thermal water.
At least every day – an hour and a half drive from the city.
40. The view of the Volcanoes from the window of the house does not surprise you.
41. I am sure that caviar is bought not in kilograms, but in liters.
42. You can always go to the beach, but rarely want to swim in the ocean.
43. I am convinced that spring begins in May.
44. The phrase “slender birch” seems ridiculous to you.
45. You know that in the grass you can get lost.
46. ​​In your stock there is a couple of true stories about a meeting with a brown bear.
47. You know who these three brothers and three non-drinkers are.
48. The gray-eye for you is not a girl with gray eyes.
49. Ready for the fact that looking out the window in the morning you may not see your car in the snow.
50. Bathed in the open during snowfall.
51. You are tired of red fish.
52. You used to go on vacation “to the mainland.”
53. Tired of answering the question – “Is it true that you have bears walking around the city there?”
54. You know exactly what the “Richter scale” is.
55. Black sand is the norm for you.
56. You went skiing in a swimsuit (swimming trunks).
57. Do you think that in the winter in the refrigerator should be a variation of honeysuckle and
Lingonberry fruit drink.
58. You know that Chinook salmon is from salmon, not abusive.
59. Where are you from? From 8 km. – in response a malicious smile.
60. And in general, it’s normal for you that you lived for some kilometer.
61. You know for sure that when you leave work on a weekend on Friday, the rest The country is still working. (though Monday is worse).
62. You went “on the nature” to a hill in the city center.
63. Do you know that the best weather is in autumn.
64. You can go for mushrooms to the sleeping housing estate.
65. The song “My House Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky” is more for you than the anthem of Russia.
66. You know that the “tupik” is a bird, not a person.
67. You know what to do when 3 days there is no light.
68. You know that you can sunbathe on the grass next to the snow or even tear a hole right in the snow.
69. You know that the airport of Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky is not in Petropavlovsk at all.

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