Kamchatka schoolchildren on a vacation waiting for snowmobiles, swimming pools and master classes

On March 23, a children’s health campaign starts in the Kamchatka Krai, with more than 500 schoolchildren participating in it.

Rest for young Kamchatka organizes stationary children’s health camps “Albatross”, “Volna” and “Voskhod”. “An active entertainment program has been prepared for children, including snowmobiling,” cheesecake “and winter” banana “, contests and sports, swimming pools, participation in master classes in different creative directions, evening spiritual gatherings with tea, incendiary discos and other events, “the regional ministry of education and youth policy informed.

In addition, in the military sports center “Cadet”, 120 teenagers from the number of pre-conscription youth will receive the skills of initial military training.


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