Moscow International Exhibition “Travel and Tourism” / MITT 2018

From 13 to 15 March in Moscow was XXV anniversary Moscow International Exhibition “Travel and Tourism” / MITT 2018. This year, its participants were 2000 professionals from the tourism industry from 190 countries and more than 60 Russian regions, including the Kamchatka Territory.

“MITT is one of the largest and authoritative events in the field of tourism, attracting a large number of experts and industry specialists every year to discuss issues related to improving the tourist market, improving the quality and accessibility of tourist products for consumers and the realization of tourist opportunities in the territories. Their open discussion by all stakeholders in the framework of large-scale industry events such as MITT, contributes to the consolidation of the professional community and the development of effective solutions aimed at achieving common goals, “said Oleg Safonov, head of Rosturism, at the opening ceremony of the exhibition.

“For the Kamchatka business MITT is an excellent opportunity to present itself on the international platform and find new partners,” says Elena Stratonova, head of the Agency for Tourism and External Relations of the Kamchatka Territory. – Of course, this will help attract tourists to Kamchatka. Moreover, we are interested in expanding the tourist flow to the peninsula, regardless of the time of the year. And projects like the one we are implementing today with the largest European tour operator “TUI Russia”, of course, should be more. And our task is to blur the myth that traveling to Kamchatka is very expensive. ”

“Previously, the organized flow to Kamchatka was mainly formed and grew at the expense of foreign tourists, wealthy Russians and participants in corporate events,” says Irina Sedova, chairman of the Association of Travel Industry of Kamchatka. – Now we are increasingly seeing the real middle class. Servicemen and pensioners are coming. If you take care of air tickets to Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky in advance, they can be bought for about 20-22 thousand rubles. And the exhibition MITT, as always, only makes us happy. There are many our long-term partners and new contacts – both from the professional tourist community, and those who are just interested in Kamchatka. I would like to note the high organization of the exhibition – this year the Kamchatka stand was very comfortable and convenient, it immediately attracted attention. For this special thanks to the employees of the regional Tourist Information Center. ”

“The Kamchatka stand looked really wonderful. It was decorated with a huge plasma panel, on which videos and films about the incredible beauties of Kamchatka were shown, “says Sergey Bychkov, director of KGBU” Tourist Information Center “. “The fact that Kamchatka is presented tremendously was also noted by the head of Rosturism Oleg Safonov who visited our stand. Nine representatives of the tourist industry of our region worked in ideal conditions, each with its own platform, no one was crowded, everyone had the opportunity to communicate normally with exhibitors, who are here a huge number. We brought with us a lot of information materials that helped the guests of the exhibition get acquainted with Kamchatka. The stand was approached not only by people who only intend to come to the peninsula, but also time-tested partners of Kamchatka tourist companies – they signed and extended contracts. I also want to note that this year Kamchatka competed very well with the venues of major Russian regions. Next to us was a stand of Moscow, but we looked, believe me, no worse. For which a huge thank you developer – the firm “Fortune”. Also at the exhibition was a very busy business program – there were all kinds of conferences, meetings and business sessions devoted to topical issues of development of the tourism industry. This is an excellent opportunity to share experiences. In general, MITT is great in every sense. ”

We add that MITT is one of the five largest tourist exhibitions in the world and is always highly appreciated by the international community.

 Moscow International Exhibition "Travel and Tourism"


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