Kamchatka residents approve of the lifting of restrictive measures in the field of regional tourism

Now excursions and tours can be organized outdoors.

The hotels have also resumed their work, they are already accommodating arriving from other subjects of the Russian Federation for self-isolation.

For the most part, Kamchatka enthusiastically greeted indulgences in the regime. Many of them planned trips to other regions of the country, but because of the situation with the coronavirus, they decided to stay and rest on the peninsula.

“We planned to travel. We are doing this now, in fact, because of the situation in the country and the world, we have not gone anywhere. While resting in Kamchatka. We plan to go rafting in the village of Esso. There are many directions on the peninsula where you can relax, but we use it a little. Basically, we go to the mainland, and now we will rest here. We learn something new about Kamchatka, we learn it. However, in general, restrictive measures make sense to extend. Of course, we are afraid, worried, but Kamchatka is our home, here we feel at ease, and we are a little afraid of flying to the mainland. ”

Residents of the Kamchatka Territory have expressed reasons for concern, but they are leveled if the sanitary-epidemiological rules are followed.

“We have already opened most of the shopping centers, so I don’t think that there is anything bad in the new concessions. Moreover, people will be in the fresh air, and tour operators, I think, can provide the opportunity to do tests for coronavirus. “

The ability to organize tours in Kamchatka will contribute to the growth of the region’s economy, according to Kamchatka respondents.

“Kamchatka is a fertile place. In order for people to come to travel, we must open the peninsula. Then there will be money in the region, the economy will rise. The most important thing is tourism, it is necessary to develop our Kamchatka. ”

Recall, in the framework of the meeting of the regional headquarters to prevent the spread of a new coronavirus infection, which took place on June 29, 2020, a decision was made to partially remove restrictions for residents of the region. Decisions regarding the organization of sports training events, inter-municipal flights and domestic tourism are enshrined in the resolution of the Governor of the Kamchatka Territory dated 06.06.2020 No. 116.

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